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t shirt with converse

Here I am Once Again! (EXPLORED)

Here I am Once Again! (EXPLORED)

Since I was being 'Tagged' by Tazeen at the first place. So here are some amazing facts about me. Sorry but I had no 'artistic' picture matching with the 'taggy' thing so here I am myself! deedar kerlo sb :) bar bar nahi milta aisa moqa! :P

ok so I'll be honest!

1. I consider my self as a 'lousy' photographer, I think that I am better at writing poetry and canvas painting.

2. Me and my life are so 'unpredictable'. I was an engineering student till my intermediate (i.e. last year) and today I am stuck up with Business Administration, but I want to be a 'Media Artist'. How stupid is that?

3. I love anything which is Red and black. I have red n black glasses, shirts, converse, bedsheet and I even wear red socks!

4. I love typical Asian cuisines with all the curry and teekha masala!

5. I have a huge social circle (many people know me personally) and I have a very short memory! So I forget people easily.

6. I am a neglected soul and I love to be alone in dark. I can be a bit 'Gothic' sometimes.

7. I hate chipkoo people who stick with one point. I believe on letting things 'go'.

8. I take 4 tablespoons of sugar in my morning tea! yeah u read that right 4 ( f o u r ) teaspoons! :D

9. I am a terrific coffee maker! I can make yummylicious coffee with bulging frothe.

10. Here's is my LOVE list, I love my X-girlfriend, rainy nights, Pakistan, Dark chocolate, Versace Bluejeans, Patiala Sulwaar, Coldplay, Blank canvas, Sleeping, Flavored milk, White spectacles, Nikon D80, Cheesecake with strawberry topping, Vans (a sorta trainers), Spongy bob, Desperate Housewives (only in movie) , Italian food, Huge sunglasses, Mehendi, Polo t-shirts, Gummy worms, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Silk bedsheets, Davidoff ECHO, Jugan Kazim (oh k this is no joke :P), Electrical toothbrush, Doritos, Beautiful Feet, Lilo, Oreas Cakesters, David Yurman Cuff bracelets, High heels, Peanut butter, Gemstones, My Chemical Romance, SETWET Notty, Dunkin' Donuts, facebook, Scorpions, Skating, Mean girls, Blackberry Pearl, Music and Lyrics, Anti-depression Pills, Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust, Ferrari Black Perfume, Parker 45, Silence, Anything which is black, British accent, Toyota Avalon, Potato wedges,

11. I hate extremely talkative people, bad breath, headache, iPhone, Chinese food, Watches with calculators, Girly TV adds, Gulab jamun, Friuts, Golden accessories, White clothes, Birds (especially parrots), Conservative people, Mini cooper, Pokemon, Fanatic people, Edward cullen, Rap music, Vegeees, Asif Zardari, Vampires, Sarah Jessica Parker, Witches, Indian Dramas (chahay wo EKTA Kapoor kay hona ya Bharati Foreign Minister PRANAB MUKHERJEE kay).

12. I am a terrible nail biter, So people beware of my hands.

13. I have been wearing a Cupric Cuff bracelet and two Agate rings (one with Turquoise) for like two years and these things have finally become my identity.

14. I want to meet all my flickr friends including Tazeen, Atif bhai, Asad bhai, Ihsan (Ehsi), Ahsan Amin, Anam Hussain, Fursid, hina imtiaz, ray of peace (kiran), Umair Ashfaq and Kami bhai.

15. I love to collect gemstones.

16. I am very short-tempered, I have very less control over my emotions so I sometimes 'over-react'. There is no such thing as 'patience' in my persona!

(Bonus POINT). I hate it when people start talking or start watching t.v. while I am sleeping. I can't tolerate sound, voice, noise, laughter and even cellphone vibration (i put my cellphone under my pillow).

converse stencil - second batch

converse stencil - second batch

I haven't done a single bit of stencilling since I left Edinburgh, as I've mainly been working like a nutter to catch up with school work. (Turns out going on a two week holiday only one week into a course isn't that good an idea after all). However I'd promised jmv ages ago that I'd make him a couple of these. And wouldn't you just know it? I broke the stencil!

...So, after eventually finding the time to cut the dern thing out again (it was the laces on the white layer that went) I have indeed finally completed the task. I'm gonna have to get me a screen-printing press - much kinder on your stencils!

Anyway, there you go, jmv! Sorry about the delay, but here's proof they're finally done!

t shirt with converse

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