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Curious George T Shirts

curious george t shirts

curious george t shirts - Curious George

Curious George - Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories

Curious George - Zoo Night & Other Animal Stories


In these eight PBS Kids Television episodes, Curious George's curiosity focuses on the animal world and takes him and the man with the yellow hat from the balcony of their city apartment to a house in the countryside. As George observes and interacts with everything from dogs, bunnies, bears, and bees to tadpoles, cats, squirrels, penguins, and pigeons, he learns about different animals and their distinct characteristics, preferred habitats, and growth and maturation while developing important skills like map reading, tracking, measuring, and sorting. Preschoolers love seeing their favorite H.A. and Margret Rey little monkey spring to life with the help of animation and are sure to be thoroughly entertained by George's cute antics and boundless curiosity. Best of all, they'll absorb some math, science, and engineering concepts while they watch. (Ages 2 to 7) --Tami Horiuchi

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To be with Art is all we ask... - Gilbert and George

To be with Art is all we ask... - Gilbert and George


The text reads:

"Oh art, what are you? You are so strong and powerful, so beautiful and moving. You make us walk around and around, pacing the city at all hours, in and out of our Art for All room. We really do love you and we really do hate you. Why do you have so many faces and voices? You make us thirst for you and then to run from you - escaping completely into a normal life - getting up, having breakfast, going to the work-shop and being sure of putting our mind and energy into the making of a door or maybe a simple table and chair. The whole life would surely be so easeful, so drunk with the normality of work and the simple pleasures of loving and hanging around for our lifetime. Oh Art, where did you come from, who mothered such a strange being. For what kind of people are you - are for the feeble of mind are you for the poor-at-heart, are you for those with no soul. Are you a branch of nature's fantastic network or are you an invention of some ambitious man? Do you come from a long line of arts? For every artist is born in the usual way and we have never seen a young artist. Is to become an artist to be reborn, or is it a condition of life? Coming slowly over a person like the daybreak. It brings the art ability to do this funny thing and shows you new possibilities for feeling and scratching at oneself and surroundings, setting standards, making you go into every scene and every contact, every touching nerve and all your senses. And Art we are driven by you at incredible speed, ignorant of the danger you are pushing and dragging us into. And yet Art, there is no going back, all roads go only on and on. We are happy for the good times that you give us and we work and wait only for those these titbits from your table. If you only knew how much these mean to us, transporting from the depths of tragedy and black despair to a beautiful life of happiness, taking us where the good times are. When this happens we are able to walk again with our heads held high. We artists need only to see a little light through the trees of the forest to be happy and working and back into gear again. And yet we dont forget you. Art, we continue to dedicate our artists art to you alone, for you and your pleasure, for Art's sake. We would honestly like to say to you, Art how happy we are to be your sculptors. We think about you all the time and feel very sentimental about you. We do realise that you are what we really crave for and many times we meet you in our dreams. We have glimpsed you through the abstract world and have tasted of your reality. One day we thought we saw you in a crowded street, you were dressed in a light brown suit, white shirt and a curious blue tie. You looked very smart but there was about your dress a curious worness and dryness. You were walking alone, light of step and in a very controlled sense. We were fascinated by the lightness of your face, your almost colourless eyes and your dusty-blonde hair. We approached you nervously and then just as we neared you you went out of sight for a second and then we could not find you again. We felt sad and unlucky and at the same time happy and hopeful to have seen your reality. We now feel very familiar with you, Art. We have learned from you many of the ways of life. In our work of drawings, sculptures, living-pieces, photo messages, written and spoken pieces we are also to be seen, frozen into a gazing for you. You will never find us working physically or with our nerves and yet we shall not cease to pose for you, Art. Many times we would like to know what you would like of us, your messages to us are not always easily understood. We realize that it cannot be too simple because of your great complexity and all-meaning. If at times we do not measure up or fulfil your wishes you mus believe that it is not because we are unserious but only because we are artists. We ask always for your help, Art for we need much strength in this modern time to be only artists of a life-time. We know that you are above the people of our artist world but we feel that we should tell you of the ordinariness and struggling that abounds and we ask you if this must be. Is it right that artists should only be able to work for you for only the days when they are new, fresh and crisp. Why can't you let them pay homage to you for all their days, growing stronger in your company and coming to know you better? Oh Art, please let us all relax with you. Recently Art, we thought to set ourselves teh task of painting a large set of narrative views descriptive of our lookin for you. We like very much to look forward to doing it and we are sure that they are really right for you.


Three years

Three years

Yet another photo with her head going the wrong way. Ah well.

The changes in Mary Ellen over the last year are really amazing. She's taller, bigger, stronger, smarter, cuter (!!!), and much more vocal. I thought that moving here to Virginia would cause her to regress somewhat with her speech, but instead it had the opposite effect. Now she talks up a storm, though she is still shy around strangers. My friend kept an eye on the kids earlier today while I had my hair done, and he was amazed at her full sentences and grasp of language. Her speech makes her sound more like a five-year-old, but she can be difficult to understand if you're not around her all the time. I remember back to the times where I despaired that she would ever string more than a couple words together and am amazed at her progress. Way to go, baby girl!

She's big on wanting to do whatever Gracie is doing. She loves to draw and color, just like Gracie, and she can spend hours playing with her ducks, coming up with various stories that they act out for her. She will also do this with her Barbies and even her crayons, if she can't find her dolls. She adores baby dolls and will feed them and bathe them and care for them like the best of little mommies. She loves to look at catalogs and tell me what she'd like me to buy for her. She knows she's three now, and earlier this week, she would tell anyone who would listen that her birthday is "Eptember ninth!"

Her favorite show is Wild Kratts, just like her sister, and she can even sing the theme song when it comes on. She also adores The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That, as well as Curious George and Martha Speaks. I think she misses Grace a bit, now that school has started up again, but I'm trying to keep her busy.

She's firmly in a size 3/3T, though she's been that big for a while, and I can even buy her 4t shirts and dresses. She loves to wear Gracie's old clothes and will even borrow a dress (though it's several sizes too large!) from her. She much prefers to pick out her own clothes and shoes.

I have no idea how much she weighs or how tall she is. I suppose I really need to schedule a well-baby visit for her soon.

curious george t shirts

curious george t shirts

Curious George - Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things

Curious George loves to travel, and no matter where he goes, adventure is always waiting for him! And he's sharing it with you in a new collection of shows from his Daytime Emmy®-nominated hit PBS KIDS® TV series. Go exploring with George, from the tip-top of the big top to deep under the sea, in Curious George Takes a Vacation and Discovers New Things!

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More Curious George on DVD
Curious George Books
Huggable George & More Toys

Stills from Curious George Takes a Vacation & Discovers New Things (Click for larger image)

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