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impulse purchase

impulse purchase

On the way out of the grocery store the other day, my wife and I came upon a card table in what used to be the photo processing department; a sign on it said "Clearance". Having just divested a couple of cameras and lenses from my collection, I had a little extra cash, and with me this is always a dangerous combination.

I bought this Sony Cyber-Shot DSC-H20. Right off, there are two things about it that I don't like: first, it takes Sony Memory Stick cards instead of something legitimate like an SD card - I can't think of a good excuse for that, it's one more dead end format for me to juggle along with the CF cards in my other cameras; and second, like so much other cheap (and expensive) digital crap these days, it has NO viewfinder on it. There is REALLY no excuse for that.

On the other hand, the lack of a viewfinder helps to make the camera very compact - it will fit in a shirt pocket - and its performance is quite a handful for that size. The Carl Zeiss (sure, I believe that) Vario-Tessar lens zooms 10:1 out to the equivalent of 380mm (ref my comment above about no viewfinder - try waving a 400mm lens out at arm's length and getting a sharp picture with it), of course it has image stabilization to partly make up for the inherently unstable ergonomics of the design, it produces a 10MP image and it close-focuses down to 20mm (about 3/4 of an inch). It has a very nice hefty feel to it, and it seems to do everything it does quite well, so I don't feel too bad about it. It also helps that when I Googled it after I got home, I found they are selling on Amazon for more than twice what I paid for it.

Like other modern P&S cameras, it has features that I'm not likely to ever use: Face Detection; SMILE detection, and you can even select how big of a smile the camera will wait for before releasing the shutter; and, of course, high definition video. I'd happily trade all three of those, plus the image stabilization, for a decent viewfinder, though, if I could still fit the result into my pocket.

pack your bag!

pack your bag!

As of July 1, 2008, one suitcase per person. Max 50 pounds, that is what our airline is telling us. What we brought for New York was what I thought, the basics. I took a photo, it looked like enough for a month and was a mound of bags about the size of the buffet.

This time, for a month, I want to take was looks like enough for a week. That means hardly anything. Wouldn’t it be funny if I wore all the old clothes in my mom’s attic from when I was in high school? The ones that she still has that is. I doubt that my Fonzerelli thumbs up shirt in pale yellow is still there. Mom donates our stuff often to the Indian Reservation that she works on and to the local charity shops. There might only be her hippy clothes left from the sixties. You can all laugh at me in a crocheted top and gypsy skirt. Oh yeh, that might just be fashionable right now!

A couple pairs of jeans, some tank tops and five pairs of underwear and two sports bras should be enough. We have three or four nice dinners to go to so I’ll bring one black dress that rolls into a ball (it was a maternity dress that my sister gave me from a Thrift shop in Utah). The same for my daughter and my husband, but no maternity wear for them, of course. I am still wearing those bloomers and no, I am not pregnant, just frumpy.

It’s the last month of A Slow Year, that means no shopping. No box stores, no thrift stores for me, not even a garage sale. Nada. I’ll scrounge if I have to, wash my clothes often and just relax without a shopping list or agenda. For a conformed shopper in the land of cheap plenty plus the excellent exchange rate for Euros, trust me, this is going to be a big challenge for me, mentally

cheap plus size t shirts

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