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365/80 - why having big kids ISN'T all the fun you think it is...

365/80 - why having big kids ISN'T all the fun you think it is...

Everyone always says it to us...."it" meaning how nice it must be to have big kids. You would be amazed how people in general don't consider size to be an issue, but as a mother of two big kids I am hear to tell you just how hard it is.

Imaging your 3 year old who is the size of a 7 year old having a temper tantrum in the middle of the floor and people looking at like him "what is that kids problem?" His problem is that he is 3!

Imagine every single place you went people asking, "Are they twins?". I used to dress them a like a lot because if I found some piece of boys clothing (there isn't much!) that I liked I would just buy two....after about 2,000, "Are they twins?" comments that always lead to a huge conversation on just how big Connor is for his age, I stopped. Now we only get asked about 5 times a day if we are out.

Imagine the expectations people have for both of them...imagine how hard it is to ask the school to put an aide out on the playground so that if they have to give him an epi pen they can hold down his 4 foot 7, 115 lb body. One teacher just couldn't do it.

Being BIG is more than what happens and doesn't happen on the sports field. It has shaped them. It has made the different from their peers before they even open their mouth. It has made them be labeled as "bullies" before they even step foot in a classroom.

People would think that because I am 6 foot 2 and Chris is 6 foot 8 that we would know how to deal with this, but we don't. I guess that just like parenting any kid, Chris and I do our best to make our kids feel "normal", but it is a lot harder than you think. At times I joke with Chris that I feel like our life is like one of those trailers at the fair where you can pay $1.00 and they parade you in front of "the biggest kids in the world". Maybe I should try that route. :)

Today is a very sad day for me. Last week I was celebrating Connor's 6th birthday, today...I shopped at Aeropostale for him. I remember those shirts that they used to have with the monkey's all over them and thought out of all of the adult stores out there, Aeropostale might have the cheapest and youngest looking clothes.

Both boys have officially grown out of kids sizes...we bought both their last pair of youth cleats (6's!) last buying a youth XL in clothing will get us a couple of weeks out of it and that is it. Just not worth it for what clothes cost these days.

I am really struggling with the fact I went into a store to get him clothes for his 6 year pictures I am doing tomorrow and walked out with a bag with a 20 something girl hanging all over a 20 something guy on the front. Right???

I got him a pair of cargo shorts and a t-shirt and came home to try them on him....and they are too small. Seriously....TOO SMALL. I couldn't even button them.

So for all of you who think how awesome it must be to have big kids, it isn't. To find out how much fun it is, go into Aeropostale and see what you would want to dress your kindergartener in from there. :)

He Got the T-Shirt

He Got the T-Shirt

You are cordially invited

This week we announce "Beat the Buffet".

The purpose of this is to inflict as much economic damage on a Chinese buffet as possible. We will be going to a buffet downtown on Thursday. Address will follow at a later time.

Guidelines to help incur the most costs:

1.) Only eat meat or expensive items such as shrimp, calamari and ginger beef

2.) Only order water as a drink and only drink your water if you begin to choke. The less water there is in your stomach, the more room there is for meat. If you really don't need a drink, order a glass of ice.

3.) No Rice, noodles or soup. They make so much money on stuffing you with rice and cheap carbohydrates

4.) Attack items that are low in the buffet. If you finish it off, they'll have to make a new batch.

5.) Brings lots of friends, but not vegetarians. No one really likes vegetarians anyways.

6.) Go to a buffet that is off the beat and track – the less busy it is, the less they probably make. (Bart suggested a restaurant that haven't changed flickering florescent lights in their sign)

7.) When you have absolutely had too much, leave as much food on your plate as possible. Going up to top off your plate is not frowned upon, rather encouraged.

8.) Everyone pays separately and with visa. Not only will this take a long time to process, 3% adds up quick!

9.) Take as many "complimentary" mints as possible.

cheap boys t shirts

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