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Scrubs - The Complete First Season

Scrubs - The Complete First Season

Now relive all 24 episodes of the groundbreaking show's highly acclaimed first season. With a host of great bonus features, including never-before-seen dream sequences and a fascinating retrospective documentary, this spectacular four-DVD set is off-the-charts entertainment you'll want to watch over and over again. Joining the rumpled J.D. at Sacred Heart Hospital are fellow residents Chris Turk (Donald Faison, REMEMBER THE TITANS, FELICITY) -- J.D.'s college buddy who is part of the more elite surgical group, and the beautiful but socially awkward Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke, ROSEANNE).

The sitcom may be flatlining, but as long as there are fresh and original series like Scrubs, the prognosis isn't entirely negative. Created by Bill Lawrence, Scrubs is an interns'-eye view of hospital life and the torturous, tragic, and triumphant route to becoming a doctor. The eminently likeable Zach Braff heads the cast as "newbie" J.D., whose years of medical school haven't quite prepared him for chaotic Sacred Heart Hospital. Family Guy has nothing on the live-action Scrubs when it comes to surreal asides and fantasy sequences (for example, J.D. literally becomes the proverbial deer in the headlights when he cannot answer a medical query), pop culture references, and TV Land casting (John Ritter guest stars as J.D.'s negligent father in "My Old Man," and St. Elsewhere veterans William Daniels, Ed Begley, Jr., Stephen Furst, and Eric Laneuville appear as Legionnaire's-stricken doctors in "My Sacrifical Clam"). With surgical precision, this inaugural season charts J.D.'s growth as a doctor and a human being, and the close-knit bonds he forms with his equally overwhelmed peers and colleagues, including best friend and surgeon Chris Turk (Donald Faison), beautiful, but raw-nerved and by-the-book Elliot Reid (Sarah Chalke), and supportive nurse Carla Espinoza (Judy Reyes'), who affectionately nicknames J.D. "Bambi." But at the heart of the series is J.D.'s relationship with his mentor, Dr. Cox (an Emmy-worthy John C. McGinley), a cross between Obi-Wan Kenobi and a pit bull. Giving Scrubs a further shot of adrenaline are recurring characters Jordan (Christa Miller Lawrence), Dr. Cox's satanic ex-wife, and Neil Flynn as the Janitor, who torments J.D. just as Larry Miller menaced Jerry in the Seinfeld episode "The Doorman."
Scrubs' animated sensibility allows for inexplicable cameos by Jimmie Walker or, at one point, an impromptu West Side Story-esque dance-off to convey the schism between the surgeons and other doctors. But while hilariously funny, Scrubs, too, can break your heart, as in the two-parter "My Occurrence"/"My Hero," with guest star Brendan Fraser as Jordan's spontaneously spirited brother, who is diagnosed with leukemia, and "My Old Lady," in which J.D., Elliot, and Chris experience for the first time losing a patient. Scrubs is one of NBC's few remaining "Must-See" series, but it has not been well-served by the network. Whether you're a "newbie" or devoted viewer, this DVD release is just what the doctor ordered. --Donald Liebenson

84% (5)

Food for the Soul (7-3-9)

Food for the Soul (7-3-9)

River Grau knocks on the door.

Jaina Lefevre: When you get here - there is leftover birthday cake on the table, a couple of glasses of milk and a bowl of cereal in front of Jaina. The guard lets you in and locks the door behind you, stepping out in the hall to smoke. "Hi! Want some cake and milk? Moms had a birthday party for me last night. I never had a birthday before."

River Grau slips through the door as the gaurd opens it, head turning to look at the birthday party tings. "Oh.. Cool. I never had one either. Is it fun?" He smiled slightly, "Okay, I'll have some cake. Whatcha ask me over for?" He stood by the door, not completely moving all the way to Jaina.

Jaina Lefevre slips from her chair and moves towards him. "You okay?" She holds out a hand to him and watches his face.

River Grau shakes his head. He didn't take the hand as it was held out to him, but he does move forward. "I'm okay. So.. whatcha doin'?"

Jaina Lefevre frowns a little and then pulls a chair out for him. "Here...want some real food too? I can get you some cold fried chicken if you want... And I was just hangin' out. Enpeesee is always around now and Mom is gonna go fight Ass-brink tonight so I gotta be safe."

River Grau moves to sit down at the seat Jaina pulled out for him, "I guess, chicken sounds good. Dad made macoroni and cheese for me last night. I ain't eat it since comin' to your place that first time." He tried to smile slightly, "Oh, that Ass-brink guy ain't been bothering me."

Jaina Lefevre gets out some of the cold fried chicken and puts it on a little plate 'cause she can reach those - and puts it down for River. "You seen your Dad?"

River Grau starts to eat the chicken as it is set in front of him. "Yeah. But he's gonna go 'way for a while." He poked at his plate, "Why yah call me over, Jaina? You ain't talk to me much for a while. Kinda strange."

Jaina Lefevre watches him ."I talked to Dmi and Niyol yesterday some. They were worried about you and they got me worried. You was one of my first friends -ever- and I don't like that you don't visit or see me no more and Mom said that if I wanted something, I should go after it, so I called."

River Grau frowns, eyes narrowing at Niyol's name. "Yesterday? What Niyol say?" He picked at his chicken, thinking about what the girl was saying. "You're the one that started hangin' out with Rai. Left me, started hangin' out with him. No more talkin' from you."

Jaina Lefevre looks at him. "That's because you said mean things to me and was hurtful. I'm not gonna stick around if you're going to be an assbag to me." She scoops up some cereal and chews, slurping a bit of milk that tries to escape as she starts talking again. "Niyol said he was going to watch out for you 'cause you were like his brother now. He's worried about you."

River Grau shakes his head, "I ain't need protection from him. He called my Dad mean names, I don't like Niyol anymore. He's stupid and mean." Still picking at his chicken, the food barely appeared as it once did. "And I said sorry, but you ain't forgive. That's not right neither."

Jaina Lefevre: "I did forgives. You was sayin' I stopped hanging around. I'm tellin' you why I did. And you ain't been around me much neither. You useded to sleep here sometimes and now I hasta call you to come over. It's not just me, y'know." She pushes the cereal away and leans on her elbows. "And yeah, I hang around with Rai. He's my special person. But you was my body guards and you is still my friend, right?"

River Grau 's ears flattened. They would appear to be in poor health, blood crusting the outer edges of the piercings. "I can be your friend but I ain't your bodygaurd no more. And I ain't able to sleep over no more, not when Rai is your special person. 'Cause that was only when I was supposed to be your special person."

Jaina Lefevre sighs. "You is still special, but I ain't gonna marry you when I get bigger. I'm gonna marry Rai." She chews the inside of her cheek. "I been worried, River. I misses you and Moms was asking where you were and you don't look so good. You wanna stay here for a whiles? Rai hadta go to his dad's family for a little bits. He won't be here, if you is worried."

River Grau thought for a moment, "That's okay, I ain't wanna marry you." He looks down at his maimed chicken, "Yeah, I wanna stay, Jaina. Can I sleep in the bed too?"

Jaina Lefevre nods. "Yeah, you can sleeps in the bed. But you gotta take a bath first, okay?" She grins at him. "And you need to eat lots 'cause you is gettin' flatter." She reaches out to brush her fingers near his. "Don't wanna fight with you ever 'gain, okay?"

River Grau nodded, a small smile forming on his lips. "I'll take a bat

The Cleanest Floor You Will Ever See

The Cleanest Floor You Will Ever See

Pushed the furniture aside, put on a gigantic t-shirt and hospital pants, tied rags to my feet, and let Murphy's Oil and Pledge spray turn my living/dining room into a skating rink. I kept falling, but it was worth it. I'll feel it tomorrow, guaranteed!!!

Lighting setup: one sb-600, camera left with CTO gel, bounced off the ceiling at 1/4 power. Another sb-600 behind the white bowl on the floor, pointed at foot level to light the floor (no gel or diffuser) at full power. Fired by Pocket Weasel in my right hand.

3" exposure, flashes fired once while I polished the floor with the rags on my feet.

Not even a really good photo, but it was my first attempt with both Pocket Weasels (I can't bring myself to call them "wizards." "Weasel" is just too good of a word.

scrubs tv t shirts

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