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How To Design T Shirts At Home

how to design t shirts at home

Day 129. Reflection

Day 129. Reflection

03/15/08. I friend invited me out last night for a few drinks with other friends. I went threw the usual ritual at this particular bar (not one of my favorite places) and showed them my ID and got this band put on. To tell you the truth, I didn't even look at it. The could have played a joke and put one on me that said "I slip my beer through a straw" on it, and I wouldn't know. I am glad I had enough friends there that I didn't have to socialize with others there. I really don't like bars for a few reasons, the first being that most of the people I see there are shallow with nothing really interesting about them. The second reason is there is a good chance that I have arrested at least one person there, sometimes more. Both of my issues came true last night. Oh and I forgot, I hate how everyone wears the same stupid clothes. Is it a rule to have new jean and a button down shirt with stripes with the sleeves rolled up? When it comes to that I totally break the rules, I wear old jeans and a t-shirt. Last night it was my Massey Ferguson t-shirt, that's a tractor company.

So I am looking at the wrist band now, studying it. Someone actually designed this. Do you think they were excited to get this project? Do you think thought went into it? How long would one of these take to design? Would they have rough drafts? I wonder if they were given any direction, like "make it look like a celebration." That's what I get from it. You have two beer mugs coming together for a cheers. That is also misleading, this bar does not serve draught beer. Then there are champagne glasses coming together also with bubbles everywhere. I wasn't looking for it last night, but I didn't see anyone with the bubbly. Are there that many people there celebrating something? I know it was one girls birthday, I head "Wooooooooo IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!" and then a drunken version of the birthday song was sung. And my buddy did point out that the birthday girls dress was hideous. It was kind of a celebration atmosphere for me getting the new job. But its wasn't the cause for going out. Oh I forgot another reason I hate bars, I am tall and its hard for me to hear anything people are saying. Most of the time I just laugh, and act like I heard something funny. I didn't go to the bar to stnad next to my friends all night, I want to talk. I really get tired of asking people to repeat themselves. And then there is the yelling. I don't have a problem speaking loudly, I just don't want to do it for hours on end.

So all this might make me sound antisocial, thats not true. It is true that I don't mind sitting at home with just my dog. My ideal social situation is a group of people I know meeting at a friends house, or somewhere not a bar. Parks are nice or the beach. I like a back yard get together

Well that is all for now, and I didn't even touch on how this band made me feel old. i also didn't say that I hate these things because they always attach them to my arm hair..

Sony Playstation's Home Is Really Boring

Sony Playstation's Home Is Really Boring

I hadn't bought a TV in over 10 years, so when I decided to pick up a Sony Bravia earlier this month I wanted to see what this puppy can do. I also picked up a PS3, some Blu Ray movies and 2 games (Little Big Planet & Grand Theft Auto 4).

So far I'm pretty happy with my purchase, the Blu Ray movies look brilliant in 1080p. I've seriously never seen a picture this good. I watched Iron Man with my roommate, Vicky the other night and I truly enjoyed it. Vicky enjoyed counting all the smarmy product placements in crystal clear HD.

I've started to tear into Little Big Planet which is super fun already. The design elements of this game are super impressive.

I've downloaded tons of demos from Sony's Playstation Store which is a really great feature. It's nice to be able to sample the games before you blow $60 on one that you'll regret.

I was really excited to see what Playstation Home is all about. Anyone that knows me, knows that I pretty much join up with any new social network that comes along. However, Home was a pretty big disappointment. Imagine Second Life with a more simplistic user interface, a dull "perfect" world designed by Sony, and here is the kicker... Unlike Second Life, where everyone looks bizarre, here everyone looks just like you! I don't know if this will change anytime soon, but the picture you see above is the closest I could get my avatar to look like me. Meh. What's worse is that half of the other dudes walking around in this world, look almost the same with minor differences. If you want to get shirts or pants that are different, you have to spend real money on them. Ugh. You are also given the option to buy (real money again) furniture for your empty apartment. If you want to chat with someone, you can buy a keyboard for your controller otherwise you must scroll through letters to type words out. Ugh.

My time in Sony's Home was spent like this...
1 minute in my boring empty apartment overlooking the sea
5 minutes walking around in the main area looking around
1 minute scoffing at all the crap I could buy in the mall
5 minutes trying to have a conversation with someone using my controller
2 minutes sitting in the plaza and watching people dance
1 minute trying to figure out how to leave cause some guy was trying to push his crotch in my face

All in all I'm happy with my new toys, but the Sony Home feature I was looking forward to is a pretty big letdown. It's in beta so let's see if anything changes. It would be nice to see them develop this as a community with events and reasons to return instead of figuring out how to get people to spend $1 on a lousy chair for their vacant apartment.

how to design t shirts at home

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